Downtown Jackson Hole, WY and Our First Moose Sightings!

Today, we spent most of the day in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

On the way, however, we were very excited to spot our first moose sighting of one taking shade under a tree along the Snake River! We had actually forgotten our camera but went back to get it and were lucky that the moose had not moved much by the time we got back…

IMG_4717 - Copy

We then ventured into town. Jackson Hole is known for being a ski resort town, but also attracts many out-of-towners for water and hiking activities in the Grand Tetons for the summer months, too. With a population of only approximately 9,000, it is a very small city surrounded by tons of open, beautiful landscape and, of course, mountains. There are many quaint, mid to high end businesses, shops and restaurants, and they are all decorated beautifully. Modern and clean, yet still maintaining an Old West style in all of the architecture and the wooden boards and decks lining the sidewalks. There aren’t too many big box or chain businesses in the area, but there is one Starbucks, which is beautiful…


Maybe I am a bit of nerd about it since I worked for the company for a while, but I loved the fireplace, birch trees and Western decor. We then spent a few hours here to use their internet, relax for a bit, and get our sugar fill – the new caramel waffle cone frappuccino – I am not usually a huge fan of these unhealthy, baristas’ least-favorite-to-make drinks, but, oh, that dark caramel sauce running down the middle that you can drink up your straw, you have a hold on me…

We then joined the crowd gathered on the street to watch the “shootout” show, which has been put on by the local theater company Monday-Saturday at 6pm every summer for the past sixty years! It was pretty entertaining.

The nightly “Shootout” performance on the streets of Jackson Hole, WY

Afterwards, we went to eat at a New York-style pizzeria called, Pinky G’s, which John had eaten at before and wanted to take me to. The place had been featured on the show “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives”, so I was intrigued. It was extremely crowded right after the shootout ended, so we killed some time walking around town for a few minutes, taking in the architecture and stopping for some photo ops with wildlife statues and at the famous elk antler arches.

After a little while, the crowds had cleared enough for us to put in an order and snag a table at Pinky G’s. I guess I am a bit of a pizza snob in that though I will eat any pizza, when I am really craving it, I only want the big, thin-crust, chewy pizza like we have in New Jersey. And I have to say, this place did come very close to what we have at home! We ordered “The Fatty”, a specialty pizza with pepperoni, pulled pork, Canadian bacon, red onion, sausage, and mushrooms (though we ordered without the mushrooms).


I also tried a Snake River Brewing Company Lager, which was light and refreshing, and I kind of just loved for how pretty the can was…


Then for a pretty drive back after waiting out the rain – I don’t think I will ever get tired of looking at these mountains….

IMG_4746 - Copy

On our way home, we saw not one, but two moose – a male and a female – closer to the banks of the river. I was super excited as I had never seen a moose in person before and we were really getting spoiled today! Especially with them being there with such a beautiful backdrop…


The female


Snake River

The dandelions are HUGE out here, by the way…


We then caught yet ANOTHER gorgeous sunset at our campsite, this time over the already beautiful Tetons…seriously, does the Western sky ever take a break from making these masterpieces?!


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  1. What a great blog! Thanks for taking the time to write such great detailed posts. Feels like we are there sometimes😊. Miss you guys!!

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