John and Katie’s Alaska RV Trip 2017: The Cassiar Highway and Midnight Sun Canoeing on Boya Lake

After having a good amount of cell reception along 16 and in Stewart, BC, we had zero once we left Stewart city limits and through our visit to Boya Lake near the top of the Cassiar Highway (37). The drive took us a while as we were starting to see more of the infamous potholes and frost heaves we had heard so much about and the posted speed limits were comparatively slow. It was an all day, probably 9 or 10 hour drive with stops and taking our time.

The drive was beautiful and there were clear remnants of past forest fires along the road where wildflowers now thrived. There wasn’t quite the never-ending jaw-dropping scenery of the Sea to Sky Highway or 37A to Stewart, but there was definitely enough going on that I wanted to pay attention. Plus, we saw several more black bears along this stretch! Perhaps part of the reason for the slower speed limits…






Going to town on some dandelions!



We passed a few gas stations that had high, but still not quite nauseating prices. Not a ton else right off the road drew us in except for the tempting Jade City store, which offers free overnight parking. We instead decided to hold out for Boya Lake Provincial Park, and we were so glad we did!

A popular spot, we got one of the last remaining sites along the water. Even after a long day of driving, a quick dinner and working to get some road tar off the camper, we were able to take advantage of the increasingly late setting sun and rent a canoe from the campground a little after 9pm until the sun set after 11pm. We quickly saw why this was a popular spot because getting out onto it, Boya was one of the prettiest lakes we’d ever seen. A delicate turquoise color and crystal clear, you could see straight to the bottom. You’d think you were in the Carribean, but the surrounding spruce trees and mountains told otherwise. The lake was refreshingly warm, too, (by northern standards, anyway) making for a super comfortable and totally serene sunset ride on the water. It was an odd feeling walking back to our site and having everyone be asleep in still pretty bright daylight. I just kept thinking about how I could get used to all of this sunlight as we geared up for another day of covering ground.











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