Cholla Cactus Garden: Joshua Tree National Park

On our full day at Joshua Tree National Park, we did the Boy Scout Trail, but made a quick stop along the way at the Cholla Cactus Garden. The trail through it was a mere 0.25 mile flat trail, but the sight of such a dense grove of these unique looking plants from the road was enough to stop us in our tracks.

“Cholla” is a term referring to over twenty species of cacti, but this particular garden consisted of “jumping cholla”, which grow in shrub-like forms. They are named so because the needles seem to “jump” from their spines onto whatever is near them. The plants are very close to the trail, so it’s important to watch where you and especially, children, are walking on this one. We spent just a few minutes taking this all in, but it was certainly a worthwhile stop.






Me (pretending to) demonstrate what not to do with a cholla cactus!





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