A Little Slice of Paradise: La Jolla Shores, San Diego, CA

A visit to the West Coast would be incomplete without a visit to a sunny, palm tree-lined beach. While in the San Diego area, we decided to visit one of the region’s most popular beaches, La Jolla Shores. A wide, long expanse of beach with palm trees, soft sand, bright blue water, and towering cliffs, this is what I always imagined a California beach to be. Being surrounded by palm trees, surfers and young, attractive beach goers, I couldn’t help but feel like we were in the middle of an Elvis movie set. In mid-October, temperatures still hovered around a somewhat unseasonably warm eighty degrees, and the water was refreshingly cool yet comfortable, and not at all as rough as I had always been told the Pacific Ocean would be. With these perfect beach conditions, we couldn’t resist making three day trips to La Jolla from our campsite in Ramona, CA because, well, we just wanted to. Yet again, we can’t count our blessings enough to be able to travel without a tight schedule on our extended honeymoon. Below, enjoy a few photos from our best beach days yet on the trip!






A decent amount of kelp lined the beach. This beach is also known to be a popular diving spot to explore the underwater reefs and sea caves just off shore.




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