Days 6-7 – Barbecues and Skyline Chili, we’ve got the food pyramid covered!

This Memorial Day weekend, we got to relax and enjoy a few barbecues (special thank you to those who have sacrificed their lives to give us the ability to relax and enjoy ourselves freely!). It was great getting to catch up with more extended family I hadn’t seen in years and talk to everyone about our trip as well. It gets us excited when people are excited to hear about what we are doing (yes, thank you everyone reading this, too!), and we usually get some good traveling and/or camping advice out of it, too!

For one of the barbecue’s we got a little taste of somewhat country road driving (without the trailer), as our GPS tried to take us down a road that no longer existed, but was now a prairie grass-covered trail through someone’s property. We’re hoping this doesn’t happen too often! Luckily though, by looking at the map, we were able to figure out where we needed to be. And the view was great from the house when we got there…

Driving through IN
Driving through some Indiana backroads
Monica's dad's
View from the dock at my cousin’s dad’s house

We unfortunately decided against going to the Indy 500, one because well, we couldn’t because it was sold out, and two, the weather was quite hot for us anyway. It was, however, televised at the race party we went to, which we found out was unusual, as it is usually blacked out locally! Maybe we will try to go next year if we are passing through then…

We did, however, amidst the other weekend festivities, make a quick stop at a Skyline Chili, a Mid-Western specialty which we had heard about from John’s parents’ neighbors, the Cary’s. Their featured dish was a plate of spaghetti, with chili and a huge mound of cheddar cheese on top (apparently a Cincinnati thing). I wasn’t so sure about this at first, but John really wanted to try it! He ordered the “3 way” special as they call it and added beans, whereas I got mine minus the cheese and with beans and onions. (Maybe I’m naive, but this was the first time I realized that not all chili has beans in it?!) It was actually good though! I mean, being perfectly honest, there is definitely better chili out there, but it definitely did hit the spot! And John loved it as much as he was hoping he would.

Skyline chili
Cincinnati-style chili at Skyline Chili

So we’ve handled Skyline chili, let’s see if our RV bathroom can…

4 thoughts on “Days 6-7 – Barbecues and Skyline Chili, we’ve got the food pyramid covered!

  1. Rob’s mom: Katie looks like Rita Wilson.
    Rob: Who’s that?
    Rob’s mom: Tom Hanks’ wife.
    A quick Google image search confirms that Katie is Rita Wilson’s daughter.

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