Our first full day went off without a hitch!

Just kidding!

Though, to our surprise, it went smoother than we were expecting.

We awoke to a dense fog in the Wal Mart parking lot that had been our home for the past eight hours. We took this as an opportunity to make a few more purchases (tire pressure gauge, external hard drive, and paper towels) and use their restrooms with running water.

Fog Wal Mart
It was a foggy morning, but cleared up in no time!


Since we still haven’t found anywhere to fill up our water tank, we have been using water bottles to flush the toilet. To be honest, it has worked better than we were expecting. Long term though, we’ll definitely not want to rely on this particular method.

After a hearty breakfast consisting of cold Olive Garden Ziti, macaroni and cheese, and some terrific brownies from Wegman’s, we were on our way. The roads were clear, and the hitch was not giving us too many issues. We were averaging about 10 miles to the gallon. I kept Katie constantly informed of this with every tenth of a mile change in the average (she was enthralled by it).

We drove straight through, only stopping for gas once. It was a little tight getting out of the gas station, so we will definitely try to keep those excursions to a minimum, and ideally on highway rest stops as opposed to exits. Manuvering a 31 foot trailer can be as hard as it sounds at times!

We pulled into Countryside Campground in Mogadore Ohio (the town name sold us on it) at about 4 in the afternoon. The campground owner was very friendly and helpful. I was trying not to let on that this was the first time we were staying in a campground and not look like a novice, not sure if I pulled that off or not. We got a pull-through site, so that made it easier for me not to show how inexperienced I was. And it was only 18 dollar a night, so we couldn’t complain about that, especially with full hookups.

Setting up went very well . . . at first. We got the hitch off and truck unshackled in no time at all. The problems started to come when it came time to level the trailer. The one side had to come up significantly, which I thought was no problem since we had motors that turned the jacks. If only they worked! They would just start to bite on the leveling blocks, and then stop turning. I was forced to turn them the rest of the way by hand using the flimsy tool that came with the trailer. Bad times, but we were level and didn’t have to worry about our food in the fridge at the end of it.

After setting up, Katie made our first dinner in the camper. We had a limited choice in term of supplies, so we whipped up a fantastic dinner of rice, hot dogs, and some sort of Indian spiced vegetable pack we picked up from Costco. It was amazing!

After our filling, delectable, and nutritious dinner, we decided to go for a walk by the lake that the campground owner had mentioned to me as I checked in. Walking through the campground, we passed a parrot that whistled at Katie (I didn’t view him as a threat) and some really cool older trailers.

The lake ended up being much bigger than Katie and I were expecting. We saw a few cranes, and tried to chase down a woodpecker that couldn’t have been more than a few dozen feet from us. But to no avail.

Lake Photo.jpg

After getting back to the camper, we settled in and Katie decided to take a nice, relaxing shower to unwind. Didn’t really turn out that way, as she ran out of hot water 2 minutes in with her hair full of conditioner. A shivering Katie was not too pleased when I realized we didn’t have enough water to go into the hot water heater to fill it. But that mistake has been corrected, and shall not happen again! For now, Katie has only one leg shaven.

After that we had a night of well deserved rest before our sojourn to Cleveland the next morning.

17 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. OK John and Katie, Your blog made my mouth water for Wegman’s brownies; so off to Wegmans I went and got me some!!
    Aunt Angie


  2. Haha, we were happy that you “crashed” the wedding – it was the perfect day for us and we’re so glad you had a good time! Thank you for reading our posts!! ❤ ❤


  3. Hi Katie and John, you definitely had Ben and I laughing but more than anything we are going to learn through you two what to do and not to do. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. We will be reading and learning!!!! Love you!!


  4. You’re leaving my retirement dream! But for now I will need to live vicariously thru your pictures and blog! I had a wonderful time “crashing” your wedding, and Kate, I’ve never seen a happier bride! Love to your both!


  5. Thank you for the awesome update! Katie, you are safe. I will not hunt you down as you have kept your promise of The Blog!!! I am so happy and excited for your adventures and I will follow you closely and live vicariously through the both of you! Stay safe and enjoy every moment of your life together!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. It sounds like you two got off to a pretty good start. We like your funny blog and the picture of the two of you by the lake. Say hi to Mogadore OH for us.


  7. Hi John and Katie,

    We are so excited for you guys! Have the time of your life!

    Love you!

    Mom and Dad B


  8. Both legs are indeed shaved, and we have been fortunate to use my cousin’s shower the past couple of days! We have a few more posts in queue and hope to get them up soon! Love you lots, too!!!


  9. Hi there Lovebirds !!! ( This is Aunt Joanne !! ). I just got done reading this and was laughing most of the time !!! John….you definitely have a future in journalism !! This was a pleasure to read !!! I sure hope by now Katie has both legs shaved and there is enough hot water for two showers !!! ( Or at least enough for one shower for two people !! ). Sounds like the trip is Fabulous so far !!! Keep the stories coming !! Have FUN !!! LOVE YOU BOTH !!!!


  10. As your first camping neighbors I wish we had been able to tell you how many tricks we had to learn in the past year of first-time travel trailering! Campers are the best resource and are always happy, if not giddy, to help! Don’t be afraid to ask, although we didn’t know where you could get fresh water for your tank when you asked. We use the water supply at the sites for showers and dish washing but only use bottled water for drinking and coffee. So happy we met you. Ted and Phyllis Harmony, Columbus, Ohio


  11. John Anthony Boguslaw, you are quite the comical writer!!! Your adventures sound wonderful and we’re all so happy for you and Katie! God bless! love you, Aunt Sue Uncle Jim and gang


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